Wanderlusting… Yosemite National Park

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Barely home and already planning another trip! At the end of this week, Jesse and I will be on our way to sunny San Diego, California to visit my twin sister, Rachel.

On our way, we’ll venture into two of California’s National Parks: Yosemite and Sequoia.

Thinking about National Parks in general gives me waves of wanderlust to visit all of them. Like when I found this map a few months ago, and wanted to drop everything and immediately road trip to the Redwoods and Bryce Canyon and the Carlsbad Caverns… so inspired to explore.

But even more powerful than that map, is this video and the project behind it:

The time-lapse videos of Project Yosemite (there’s a second video here) embody the spirit of Yosemite that John Muir first wrote about and then fought to protect and share.

It’s got that looming power of the mountains with their sheer faces and bare backs, the endless roar of waterfalls cascading over granite shelves, the trees, the wildlife, the stars…

 The videographers bore the burden of lugging heavy film equipment deep into the park’s network of trails, but the reward is something that inspires awe and adventure. They go beyond the best known places in Yosemite valley to showcase the corners of the park that many visitors never see, and they beautifully capture the textures of it all.

I can’t wait to spend time in this wilderness soon. Although I know that two short days will be too brief a glimpse into the vast park, it’s a start.

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