Hanging Gardens Ubud

ubud hanging gardens
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Picture this. You’re swimming in tranquil blue water that spills over the edge of a black stone wall into another pool below, and beyond that is lush rainforest and cerulean sky forever. You soak in the view and tranquil atmosphere, find a chair to lounge in, and order a drink from the passing bar attendant.

This is Hanging Gardens Ubud.

ubud hanging gardens

The Hanging Gardens is an exquisite hotel in the lush countryside of central Bali outside the city of of Ubud. Balanced on the edge of a forested cliff side, the resort has private villas cascading down the steep ravine, each with their own infinity pool.

Unfortunately, the hotel is about $400 a night, which is a little steep for most young travelers. We got a tip, though, to go and use the main pool above the villas for $20 a day.

ubud hanging gardens path

We spent an entire afternoon between the lounge chairs and the edge of the pool, soaking it all in. It was gorgeous. To swim to that edge and then have the whole view open up is pretty incredible. The view from the wooden pool deck is nice, but floating over to the edge through the water that reflects the sky, to find more water and decks below, and thick rainforest alive with birds and monkeys with a river gushing through the valley, it can’t be beat.

ubud hanging gardens

This spot is one of Bali’s hidden jewels. We were so happy to find that we could taste this luxurious experience for a day without actually staying at the ritzy hotel.

We almost couldn’t find it, though. Following google maps on an iPhone while driving a scooter through winding narrow roads outside Ubud, we ended up on a bumpy trail full of chickens and foot travelers before turning around and happening upon the hotel at the end of a road that begins to slope down to the forest ravine. If you’re trying to find this spot, turn left at both forks you run into after the main road with the Hanging Gardens sign…

I’d hate for anyone to miss out on this surreal swimming experience. It’s low key, but oh so lovely.

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  1. HI
    Thanks for your lovely review of our stunning hotel. It is now Hanging Gardens Ubud and under owner management as from November 11th 2013. We look forward to welcoming you back soon to the hotel.

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  5. Anne says: Reply

    I have just read one of your articles regarding the Hanging Gardens in Ubud.
    We are staying in Seminyak but would like to experience having lunch, massages and pool at the resort for 4 people. All the other reviews I have read have said that it would cost on average $200 US dollars per person which is quite expensive, then I came across your review in which you stated you paid $20 for use of the main pool above the villas. I would appreciate any further information on how to obtain such a prize and any other info you might be willing to share.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Anne! Thanks for your comment. It’s been almost 2 years since I visited Hanging Gardens in Ubud, and in that time I understand they had a management change. Because of these things, I’m not sure if it’s still only $20 to use the pool, but it would be worth contacting the hotel to find out. In our experience the staff was very friendly, and although the hotel was hard to find in the winding backroads outside Ubud, it’s worth the visit. Seeing as it’s a luxury hotel and spa I can imagine that a massage might be quite expensive there, and the restaurant/bar by the pool we used also looked very nice and probably not cheap! $200 per person seems ridiculous to me! I hope you’re able to contact the hotel (via their website maybe) to find out what they can offer you. Best of luck!

      1. Sophie says: Reply

        I went there in july 2016 and it is actually 200$ for the acess to the pools, a cocktail and a massage… We rang the hotel from our hotel in Ubud to be sure about the orice before and were happy we did, as ofcourse we didn’t go xD

        1. Maybe they have changed things since our trip, which is a shame! We showed up without calling ahead and were charged 200,000 rupiah each for access to just use the main pool. Hope you enjoyed Ubud, we loved it!

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