North America By Motorcycle (update)

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I’m falling behind with writing posts about our trip across the country, but we’ve continued to travel. The miles are adding up, and so are the months, and it’s hard to keep track of it all!

We started from Kelowna in September, 9 months ago, and in total have spent 8 weeks on the road, traveling 8,000 miles across 12 United States and 1 Canadian province.

Right now, the motorcycle is in a storage unit in Atlanta, Georgia waiting for us to return sometime next month.
Motorcycling North America Desert Dusk

When we were on the road in the South, I wrote a travelogue for the Field & Forest Journal about our trip so far. That story along with a handful of photos is probably the best summary of the trip up to that point:

“… After six weeks and just over 6,000 miles on a Triumph Tiger 800XC we are ¼ of the way around the continent. It started as a trip down the Pacific Coast last September but we decided to keep going from there, breaking the trip into 2-week sections over the better part of the coming year.

Jesse drives and I ride on the back of the motorcycle with a camera around my neck. We camp whenever possible. We take the side roads, the tiny highways. We’re traveling the continent by its national parks, wilderness areas, and small towns…”

You can find the rest of the story and full gallery here!

Besides the motorcycle trip that’s continuing to define this year of adventure, Jesse and I have spent a week in Mexico, visited Rachel in San Diego, I jetted over to Hawaii with Rachel and other family girls for a blissful week in March, then after I had a tonsillectomy in April Jesse and I road tripped Utah’s National Parks, and now I’m home again after a week in Kelowna. Whew.

It’s a whirlwind to be all over the map. Some people are jealous. Others scorn this lifestyle. Mostly I’m trying to figure out how to feel grounded while being constantly in motion, and how to be productive while travel throws a wrench in any routine I begin to have. But more on that later…

In other news, I’ve had 2 more articles published on the Matador Network (here and here) and I’m soaking up as much Idaho summer as possible. It’s cabin season and I’ve got some backpacking plans in the works!

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  1. Wow beautiful photos! I would love to do something like this with my significant other! did you have to get and type of motorcycle license for this trip?
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    1. My boyfriend has his motorcycle license! I’m riding pillion behind him though so I don’t have a license (although I plan on getting one eventually). Besides that, we just need just maps, and since we’re traveling both the US & Canada – passports! It’s been an incredible experience together.

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