Indonesia Trip Overview

Ubud hanging gardens
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I have a lot to say about Indonesia. A LOT! Jesse and I spent 28 days there and I can’t put all the important details into one post. So for now, I’ll just share an overview of our trip, and then later focus on each location, and other activities or places that merit a whole post of their own (like the Borobudur Temple, Hanging Gardens Ubud, and scuba diving…).

We spent almost all of August 2013 in Indonesia. We got a visa-on-arrival as soon as we landed in Jakarta, which allowed us to stay in the country for a 30-day maximum.

So, for the next 28 days we made our way east from Jakarta across the central island of Java where we hit two more big inland cities, Yogyakarta and Malang. We then flew further east from Java to Bali, to the city of Ubud where we stayed among rice paddies in the central foothills of this famous paradise island (Eat, Pray, Love, anyone?). From Bali we took a boat to a small island just off the southeast coast, called Nusa Lembongan, where we stayed beach side and dove with Manta Rays. Lembongan is already almost halfway from Bali to its eastern neighboring island Lombok, so we took a fast boat to Senggigi Beach where we swam in our resort’s gigantic pool and motorcycled up the steep volcanic coast of Bali’s low-key counterpart. From here, the Gili Islands were another short boat ride away, so we popped over for a few days of Gili Trawangan’s nightlife and snorkeling. Then we spent one final night on Lombok again before flying back to Jakarta, and then to Tokyo where Jesse and I split ways (he flew to work, I flew to Boise).

We saw so much. From the metropolis of Jakarta with its streets jammed with motorcycles and taxis, to the rice paddies, peanut fields, and massive stone temples around Yogyakarta, to the terraces rice paddies and azure pools on Bali, to the stunning beaches and dazzling blue water of the islands, Indonesia is a small but richly diverse country.

It just has so much to offer. Even after being there for nearly a month and traveling all the way across Java, Bali, & Lombok, I’m certain that we could go back to Indonesia for another month (or two) and have another full trip of new experiences and places. Like exploring Borneo and scuba diving Komodo? Maybe someday…

Here are more photo highlights of the trip!

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