Dispatch from Maine

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We’re halfway through our month on the East Coast. Now on our 11th week on the road, we’ve been through 21 states, and yesterday we rolled over the 10,000 mile mark since leaving British Columbia last September. And for the last three days, we’ve been in Maine dodging rain & soaking up some stillness after so many days of travel.

On our first night day, we made it past Portland to the islands with only a soft sprinkle of rain, and camped near Bath for a night. We ate lobster and played cards at the campground office lobster pound while we chatted with a couple of retirees from Vermont. In the morning we found a diner full of antiques, miniature pies, and extra crispy bacon.

Then, onto Mount Desert Island. This place is famous for Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, but we opted to stay on the quieter side at Southwest Harbor.

We got a last minute room at the Kingsleigh Inn, and it’s been luxury after all our camping the last two weeks! From here we’ve driven all around, through the park, and to different harbors and coves. We had lobster rolls and drinks at Thurston’s Lobster Pound on our first afternoon, and then spent most of the evening chatting with other guests and the innkeepers about our trip so far and what to do around here.

The half day we spent roaming around Acadia was cloudy, but we walked on Sand Beach and got our boots wet looking at tide pools and barnacles, and got back to the Inn just in time for the sun to break through.

The hours of sun on the island have been gorgeous – the kind of sparkling light that brings everything to life in a different focus than it was under clouds.

We wandered past beautiful houses with gardens brimming with flowers and jars of jam for sale out front, to the marina where crates of lobsters were being unloaded and brought in for the day.

Then we chased the sun to Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse and walked out onto some steep rocks where the water was calm and a few photographers were setting up for the sunset. It was a little crowded since it’s a summer weekend, so we left and made our way to Seal Cove and had the beach to ourselves as the sun finally set.

It’s felt so good to settle in for a few days, and to be on the coast. Seeing boats anchored beyond the shore, more than anything else, has made me realize how far we’ve come. Ocean to ocean…. and on top of that, we’ll be crossing into New Brunswick tomorrow to explore the Maritime provinces. We’ve made it from the northern border of the U.S. to the southern, and back up again. Can’t wait to see what Canada has in store!

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  1. Cape Breton Island, NS is fantastic. Never made it to Newfoundland, and regret that I didn’t.

    1. Any suggestions of things to do/see while we’re on Cape Breton Island? We’ve gotten some amazing tips from people we meet along the way- I’d love your two cents!

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