• Arizona
  • Arizona Loop Overview

    Arizona is wildly different from top to bottom, and east to west. For those who haven’t spent much time exploring the Grand Canyon State, it seems easy to sum up Arizona with the iconic canyon and a desert with Saguaro cactuses, but there‘s so much more. As the second leg of our motorcycle trip around North […]

  • California
  • Redwood National Park

    Chandelier Tree

    The old giants of the Sierra, the sturdy sentinels of this coast, the last stands of Sequoia… I’ve written about trees before (here & here). Visiting the Redwoods on our Pacific Coast Road Trip was a lot like seeing Sequoia National Park again, but there was more fog, and we already knew the feeling of being shrunk down […]

  • California
  • Pacific Coast Road Trip

    The Pacific Coast Highway is one of America’s most coveted road trips – especially for motorcycles. This journey from border to border showcases three states, almost endless miles of gently curving shore hugging highway, and with some slight detours, some of the America’s best national parks. Although we didn’t hit the coast until Oregon, Jesse […]