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  • Cabin Fever

    sawtooth mountains drive

    You know how sometimes winter just drags on, and on, and by March if it’s still cold and gloomy, you just want to sleep the last few weeks until spring is finally blooming with tulips and lillies? I’ve hit that point. I’d hibernate if I could. Unfortunately, I’ve still got a while before spring reaches up […]

  • Idaho
  • Sawtooth Lake Backpacking

    Sawtooth Lake Hike 4

    Lightning pulses in the sky, its flash luminous enough to reach through our nylon tent, through the thin skin of my eyelids, to startle me from half sleep – and in the milliseconds between bewilderment and wide-eyed alertness, the thunder is already cracking the valley open. Hail pelts our tent and pocks the surface of […]