Banff Mountain Film Festival

Banff Mountain Film Festival
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I’m wanderlusting today. Not necessarily for a specific place, but just feeling inspired by the spirit of adventure.

I’m itching to move, to climb, to paddle and plunge. I want to do everything.

Jesse and I went to the Banff Mountain Film Festival on Friday night, so that’s what’s stirred up all these fantastic urges. This incredible festival (sponsored by National Geographic and The North Face) came to Yellowknife in its world tour.

We saw films about so many different things, all of them gorgeously filmed and edited.

We watched climbers summit an Antarctic peak, kayakers cascade over cliffs in Mexican canyons, and skiers float through a forest of powder and charred trees. We saw Norwegian surfers spend a whole winter in a remote valley above the arctic circle, and skiers glide between valleys in parachutes.

We also watched a Canadian paddle boarder cross the Strait of Georgia from Vancouver to Victoria. This promo clip is a montage of inspiring bits from the middle of his poetic film.

Don’t you want to get out there now? To sleep in a tent and make cowboy coffee over a driftwood fire in the cold light of dawn? I sure do.

You can find more inspiring video clips here.

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