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  • Two Days in Lake Louise

    Castle Mountain Banff

    After two long days southbound on the Mackenzie Highway, Lake Louise was an oasis for us. On this April weekend we found snow, but sunshine and warmth too, and the mountains were a balm to our battered spirits after driving 2,000 km over the flat plains of Alberta. We took the scenic route and drove […]

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  • Moving On

    Frozen Yellowknife

    We all have pivots in our lives – end points where we are flung in a new direction and we have to begin again. I know that life is full of these times where each of us will be asked to pick up and start anew, and that each person handles the bitter sweetness of […]

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  • Yellowknife Favorites

    yellowknife snow king festival 2

    Our days here are quickly coming to an end, but before we go I thought I’d sum up the highlights of this city with a list of our favorite things. Favorite Breakfast/Brunch The Dancing Moose Cafe is our most favorite weekend brunch spot, where we can find a table looking out on the lake shore […]