• Idaho
  • Snake River Canyon

    Today was one of those beautiful days that unfolds effortlessly. I woke up at the cabin with the men of the family. We made hash browns and eggs, saw a bluebird at breakfast, washed the dishes, slowly packed up our things. And then instead of heading back to Boise like I planned, I joined the […]

  • Idaho
  • October

    What a whirlwind of a year! I’ve been slacking in the blog-post-writing area of my life but lots of other things have been going on. In September we rode around Newfoundland with Jesse’s parents. I’ve been writing and designing for the Matador Network (see some of that here). I took a hiatus from the motorcycle […]

  • From The Road
  • Dispatch from Maine

    We’re halfway through our month on the East Coast. Now on our 11th week on the road, we’ve been through 21 states, and yesterday we rolled over the 10,000 mile mark since leaving British Columbia last September. And for the last three days, we’ve been in Maine dodging rain & soaking up some stillness after […]